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Number of PhD Awarded

Sr. No.Name of the Guide’sName of the PhD ScholarName of the DepartmentTitle of the thesisDate of awardedView
1.Dr. Joe LopezBurande  Arvind LaxmanCommerce and Management“ An Analytical Study of Consumer Behavior towards Health Claims Of Select Functional Foods in and Around Pune City.”28th February  2022View
2.Dr. Joe LopezAbhang  Nayaa  BaliramCommerce and Management“A Study of Societal Marketing Aspects of Breast Cancer by Hospitals in Pune6th August 2015View
3.Dr. Joe LopezPaliwal Nitin PrakashCommerce and Management“ Role of Relationship Marketing in Competitive Marketing Strategy of Cement Industry in Pune Region Maharastra.”20th December 2021View
4.Dr. Joe LopezDangare Rita RameshwarCommerce and ManagementA study on business processes ( Distribution Channel and Reverse Logistics ) with Special Reference to E-retailers in and around Pune Region.”1st November 2018View
5.Dr. Joe LopezZunjur Ashutosh ChandrshekharManagement“ A study of effect of consumer ethnocentrism and perceived country of origin image on purchase intention: empirical study of electronic items in Pune city”18th June , 2018View
6.Dr. Joe LopezGadekar Vitthal LaxmanManagement“ A study of Buying performances and customer satisfaction level of user of industrial water treatment plants w r t Pune and Ahmednagar Districts.”.18th June , 2018View
7.Dr. Joe LopezKedar Maheshkumar  ShankarManagement“Adaptability of consumer for non conventional source of energy as compare to conventional regular source of energy in and around Pune City”.8thApril, 2017  View