NameName of the PatentApplication IDInvention FieldDate of ApplicationPublication NumberTypeAction
Dr. Joe LopezDigital Smart Board360575-001Technical14/03/2022View
Dr. Joe LopezSolar mobile Battery360581-001Technical14/03/202203/2022PublishedView
Dr. Joe LopezRole of Financial management in Indian And Foreign Country Economic Development202321044675 ANon-Techincal03/07/202337/2023PublishedView
Dr. Joe LopezMachine Learning Models and Artificial Intelligence Framework in Prediction and Resuscitation of Cardiac Arrest202341051189Technical1/09/202335/2023  –View
Dr. Joe LopezData Processing Device to Detect online purchase patterns6317659Technical07/10/2023 –PublishedView
Dr. Joe LopezArtifical Intellgence And Mchine Learning Based Controlled Car For Disabled Person And Old Age Person202341059400Technical6/10/20236/10/2023PublishedView
Dr. Joe LopezDevice For Stock Market Suggestions398638-001Non-Techincal27/10/2023 –PublishedView