Eagle Education Society's

Unique Institute of Management


Best Practices

1. Cultural program:

Cultural program such as Holi Milan Samaroh, Id Milan Samaroh, Christmas gathering, and Karma Puja, Saraswati Puja are our best practice to generate brotherhood among the Management Students.

2. Support for the Students:

Students need moral and financial support is provided to the student whenever required.

3. Good Educational Practices Followed:

20 Students are entrusted to one teacher who is freely accessible to all the allotted students from the class for general guidance and for directing them to the specific Cell or programme relevant to him/her. In addition, the College provides an individual teacher guardian to each student. The students and parents will approach the teacher guardian regularly. This interaction helps the overall growth and development of students. The college faculty attempts to diagnose different types of learners. Examination is conducted to bifurcated the learners into Strong Average and Week learners. Accordingly Grooming and skill development classes are conducted.

4. Submission of Teaching Plans and Completion Report:

The lecturers submit lecture plans year-wise and/or semester-wise giving due consideration to the syllabi, length of the chapters and number of teaching days available. At the end of the semester, a completion report is submitted.

5. Morning Reflection:

To invoke the blessings of the Almighty, each day begins with a morning reflection/prayer over the public address system. The prayers are conducted by, both, faculty as well as students.

6. Computer-Aided Education:

All computers in the College are on Wi-Fi which makes it easier to transfer as well as access information. The students and staff are provided with free internet facilities to enhance knowledge in their respective subjects.

7. Modern Teaching Aids:

The faculty makes use of, LCD Projectors, films, etc. to make the learning process more interesting, vibrant and meaningful.

8. Assessment of Teachers/Administrative Staff/Facilities by Students:

In a prescribed Feedback form the students express their opinion of the faculty, office staff, library and other infrastructural facilities.

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